Lawndale Art Center

Arts & Culture, Non-Profit|design, web

ttweak was given the opportunity to reimagine the brand for one of the city’s most approachable art institutions right before their 40th anniversary.


working with a vibrant color palette to reflect the always changing and always vibrant art housed inside the building, ttweak took inspiration from outside the building, the art deco exterior accented with strong lines, to inform the word mark and guide the refinement of the much-loved Lawndale building icon.

following the re-brand, Lawndale engaged ttweak for a website overhaul. ttweak focused on unconventional layouts and data density to communicate the volume of programming events, exhibitions, and artist studio program that happen at Lawndale. The entire website’s color palette changes with the seasons. There’s always something fresh at Lawndale.


In addition, ttweak has worked on branding for special programming events like Lawndale’s Dia De Los Muertos and annual Big Show.